Kenna Security

We gotta change our name!

What do you do when your start-up is sent a cease and desist letter from a company in your space that says your new company’s name is infringing on theirs?

Well, I suppose you could hire a bunch of lawyers and spend a lot of money to try to fight it. But in the case of, they decided their name wasn’t so great to begin with, and they had been thinking of acting on their board’s recent suggestion to pony up for a better identity before their launch.

This is where 405 Group came in. Without lawyers (we don’t need no stinking lawyers!), but with lots and lots of lists of creative names, we set out on what we think is a much simpler and less complex journey. What do you name a company that’s using sophisticated software to identify where your enterprises’  network is most vulnerable to external threats? Software that allows them to see things they couldn’t easily see before? After reviewing and vetting about 800 names, we landed on “kenna”, the Old-Norse word for “to know”. The kids liked it.

The new logo is a glyph of a lighthouse casting it’s beam, or if you squint, could be an abstraction of an eye in profile. Either way, it’s a new name and new visual brand that differentiates the company in the growing enterprise security space.

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