Retail Solutions Inc.

they’re watching your every purchase

A not-so-off-the-shelf solution from this provider of big data solutions for retailers.

Have you ever wondered why your local grocery store or Target happens to have exactly what you’re looking for? It’s not magic, it’s BIG DATA, baby. They’re crunching the data on millions of daily transactions to help retailers know not only what to stock, but what promotions to run and how much to mark-down that soup no one seems to be buying.

Putting yourself second. Despite being able to help the world’s largest retailers sell more product, the company was having a hard time selling it’s own services. An outdated website didn’t identify their value proposition, clearly articulate the benefits of their services, or speak directly to their core audiences. They were telling customers that their platform was cutting edge, yet they weren’t walking the walk.

The re-brand features a new website with improved messaging and a homepage with topical calls-to-action that reinforce the brand. A content management system allows staff to make text updates and post press releases (and more). And now, whether you’re on a desktop Mac or an iphone, prospective customers are able to learn more about the value that RSI brings to their aisles.

Our work involved brand strategy, naming, identity design, creative writing, web design, collateral system design, and tradeshow production.

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