someone to watch over you

What do all the mobile carriers in the US have in common with 30 national governments and your local Sheriff? They’re all customers of SS8. And I bet you’ve never heard of them, am I right?

SS8 is in the business of providing total visibility and “awareness”—knowing what’s going on 24/7—on your phone, the Internet, your email, and your computer at work. The combination of network awareness, big data analytics, and multi-source intelligence in a single platform allows enterprise security teams, service providers, law enforcement and intelligence agencies to quickly, easily, and cost effectively identify, track, and remediate activity on the network.

Our brand strategy work for SS8 stretches back several years—from updating the corporate and product identity and guiding the website through visual updates, to designing and fabricating tradeshow booths and redesigning their entire collateral system.

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  • Corporate Identity
  • Product Identity Schema
  • Brand Strategy & Implementation
  • Product & Tradeshow Graphics
  • Website Design & Development

“Today, Cyber Security is an accelerated game of cat and mouse which requires the world’s top security investigators to be engaged to understand what happened post breach. SS8 Communications Insight is designed to allow any organization to proactively understand what is happening to allow for rapid remediation of security events.”Faizel Lakhani, COO, SS8


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