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Ever wonder how all those millions of mobile Apps get built?

Sencha dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of developing and delivering enterprise applications across multiple device types. Ask any developer, and he’ll know what you’re talking about. Sencha is a household name in the web app world.

Sencha came to us with a problem: website properties had grown organically, without a uniform structure, brand voice or information architecture. The training site looked different from the corporate site, which was different from the support site. If it weren’t for the logo, you might not have known that these sites belonged to the same company.

Our goal was to bring them all together and consolidate the sites under one roof. This long-term project focused on Content & Branding (visual, verbal, UX, etc.), Architecture (IA, nav, messaging structure, etc), and Infrastructure (CMS, Marketo, forums (vbulletin), Salesforce, etc).

Our copywriting team lead Sencha through a series of interviews designed to uncover the hidden value of the brand, isolating key messages that we then exploited for billboards and high-level messaging. We also complimented the backbone of the new website with front-end custom illustrations, diagrams, and icons.

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